6 Bad Work Habits (Hint: You Do at Least One)

So bad habits at work… I have thoughts about this. In my little slice of the world, there is a lot of illness going around. Like I’m carrying my zombie apocalypse tool belt in the car, because you never know! Schools are being shut down everywhere. We are getting by at work, according to my administrator, with […]

Dealing with Difficult Patients: 7 Tips

  So just from this super attractive title graphic, (who doesn’t love a dirty buffalo?), you can see that things in the medical field can get nasty. Much like going on a hike through the wilderness, (where you may or may not get bitten), dealing with difficult patients can be pretty hardcore. No, you won’t have a snake snacking on you, […]

5 Things to do Now if You’re Pregnant in the Medical Field

  Ladies, there are many things in life that can bring us joy: Chocolate, bubble baths, Jon Snow shirtless… you get the point. One of things that probably brings you a ton of joy is your children, or thinking about the children you want someday.  (Sparkle in your mama’s eye and all that.) Being pregnant can […]