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6 Bad Work Habits (Hint: You Do at Least One)

So bad habits at work… I have thoughts about this.

In my little slice of the world, there is a lot of illness going around. Like I’m carrying my zombie apocalypse tool belt in the car, because you never know!

Schools are being shut down everywhere. We are getting by at work, according to my administrator, with spit and Band aids.

What makes me start here is that I have a cold, (at least I hope it’s a cold, and not something nastier biding its time). I had to stop what I was doing today, (meaning stripping gloves off), to go blow my nose. It was about to run down my face. OMG gross! I’m sure my coworkers were loving the nasal concert.

Having expressive bodily functions is a huge no-no for me, (i.e. coughing, chewing with your mouth open, etc.). These are terrible bad habits that I can’t tolerate. Me blowing my nose like a trumpet is a definite example.

I almost shanked myself.

Beyond basic hygiene manners, (I’m stepping off my soap box now), what are some other habits that irritate you or make your work day challenging?

Bet I know some.

Even worse, I bet you’re guilty.


Here’s the nitty-gritty:

Late to work…again?

1) Being Late

Maybe you’re just fashionably late, right?

Or: “It’s just who I am as a person,” you laugh to your coworkers.

FYI: They’re plotting your death as you saunter away to get started doing what they’ve been doing for 20 minutes.

Especially in the medical field, where everyone depends on everyone else, being late isn’t ok.

Now, everyone on God’s green earth is late sometimes. It doesn’t matter why, because the truth is that no one cares why you’re late.

They care THAT you’re late.

Tardiness can show that you don’t have much respect for your job or your coworkers.

Remember that when more responsibility is being handed out, or even a promotion….


There, I said it. If you suck, you don’t get the big bucks.

Think about that next time you hit snooze more than once.

The thing that works for me is putting my phone on the other side of the room. This way I have to get out of bed to turn it off.

Also, I have a Justin Bieber ringtone.

It’s all about incentive. ; )

ol’ Facebook again, huh?

2) Your Freaking Phone

If you are one of the lucky people who don’t have to lock your up during work hours, congratulations. Don’t abuse the privilege.

Look at it like this, thirty years ago, no one had a cellphone. If there was an emergency, you were called at your job. You left and dealt with it.

There wasn’t social media or texting to distract you every two minutes.

You don’t HAVE to have your phone.

Really, you don’t.

Plus, if your mind is on your phone, then it won’t be on your job. Maybe it’s not a life and death thing for some industries, but it could be for you.

After all, we work in the medical field, which involves needles, drugs, surgical instruments, blood borne pathogens, etc.

You didn’t forget, did you?

This article from Mind Body Green, reminds us not to be victims of digital dependency. The phone is there for you, not the other way around.

And if you’re feeling phantom vibrating from your phone, you need to cut yourself off for a bit.

That’s super not normal and bae will get back to you later.

Are you full of sour lemons, Negative Nancy??

3) Negativity

We all have craptastic days. It’s normal, and even more normal to be irritated with your job, co-workers, or supervisor for whatever reason.

No one said working or being an adult was fun.

What you have to remember is that you are a professional, and you need your job.

So talking smack about your company/boss/co-workers will do literally nothing positive for your career.

You will get a few minutes of relief, then you’re going to worry that someone will say something or you were overheard.  Then, you’ll be stressed, go home and piss off your spouse, yell at your kids for wanting you to open a pack of fruit snacks while you’re trying to pee, and maybe even flick your dog in the head for eating your cutest socks…. it’s just calamity!

Additionally, you will hurt the morale of your co-workers, creating an unpleasant work atmosphere. Way to go little miss sunshine!

So skip the ranting at work.

Oh, and though I shouldn’t have to mention this because y’all are smart, stay off social media with negative comments about your job.

“Um, yeah, I’m not an idiot,” you think. I know, I know… but I swear I’ve seen it more than once.

I’ve also seen people get canned for it. Not the brightest crayons in the box, but hey, they set examples for everyone else.

Side Note, Ladies: If you’re about to apply for a job, clean up your social media pages. You sound like Polly Perfect on your resume and application pages, but your pics from 2012 show a different story. Spring break is back to bite you in the ass you’re showing in most of those pics!

For those of you who are sweet enough to not think potential employers look…they do. I not only found multiple articles proving it, but also a few telling business owners what the best ways are to go about it. Here’s one!

Don’t be the bitches in the back!

4) Gossip

Negativity and gossip really go hand in hand. They’re besties.

You know gossip is rude, unprofessional, and can cause major backlash.

This isn’t something we need to talk about much. You know it’s wrong, and you know you shouldn’t do it.

You could hurt someone’s feelings, which should be enough to keep you from participating. If not, remember that anyone you gossip to could turn it around on you just as easily.

People who gossip aren’t always picky about who they gossip with. I hate to break it to you, but your gossip girlfriend may be cheating on you, babe.

Get ya bonbons out, and go watch some Ellen while you recover.

My tried and true trick is to just nod when someone is gossiping so that you’re listening and not being rude. BUT you give them nothing to fuel the fire.

No responses, no additional input, nothing but acceptance of what they are telling you. A pointed question gets an, “I’m not sure or I don’t know.” And then you forget the conversation. You aren’t the spreader of this particular virus.

Eventually, no one will talk to you about anything shady, which is nice.

Other questions? Here are four articles from major business sites telling managers and supervisors how to deal with the gossip train.

1, 2, 3, 4 articles all in a row, like little baby ducks…happy reading.

This is my “I hate drama” face

5) Personal Life at Work

I am pretty good friends with the gals I work with. I respect them, and I see them almost every day.

So yes, I talk about my personal life with them. Hopefully, it’s more what I’m making for dinner or telling a story of how my kid threw her iPad away, (true story, I swear.)

But if it’s talking about or dealing with personal things so much that you’re distracted, you have a problem.

Emergencies and tragedies happen to everyone. I have zero beef with this because I am also a human and have had things and stuff happen.

I’m referring to constantly forget something, like an appointment, or having multiple dramatic incidents.

You are at work.

You are an adult.

Get your big girl panties on and get your shit together.

Here is an article from Monster briefly highlighting this issue, among other bad habits.

Workshifting has a great one on how to separate your personal life from the office.

Here is another one from Wikihow, which is very useful, and includes some sexy 90’s type illustrations. 😉

Are you the lazy one?

6) Working Hard to Not Work

I hope you aren’t one of these people. If you are, just lie to me. Tell me what I want to hear and that I’m pretty. Also, get me a donut…

If you work hard to look busy and leave your team in a bind because of it, then I’m talking to you, sweetness.

(In the South we often give pet names to those we want to smack). If you’re one of these precious people, it’s time to listen up!

Do you tend to check your email every ten minutes, even if there’s other work to do?

Is there something that’s physically challenging that you’re avoiding?

Are there patients that you don’t want to deal with, so you pawn them off on someone else?

Or the flip side: Maybe you’re the person who gets abused by one of these types. They’re literally everywhere.

Here are your options:

  • Talk to them, and be honest, but nice about it.
  • Let them take responsibility; don’t do their work for them.
  • Ask your supervisor how he or she wants you to handle it, as professionally as possible. Don’t come off whiny, or you’ll be placated and sent along like a toddler (without a sucker, because you’re an adult).
  • Offer to divide up the work, and keep logs to track it.
  • Ask, “Would you rather do this or that today?” forcing them to choose SOMETHING, ANYTHING….
  • If all else fails, bring in your boss to help mediate the situation.
  • Don’t lose your temper. Stay professional to be taken seriously.

Here is some extra advice:

I hope this was enlightening and helpful. If you have questions, hit me up!!!

Good luck, ladies!








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